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What is your name?

Fastlane Fast money AP but you can call me Fastlane Ap for short

Where are you from/age?

I was born and raised right on the Northside of Minneapolis, Mn but the earth is my turf I've lived and gotten money in almost every major city in the country so it would be a lie if I said otherwise but the north side of Minneapolis mn, more importantly, 2018 Lowry avenue north will always be home

What do you do?

First and foremost I'm a father, a multi-small business owner I have my hands in a lot of different pots being a father is my biggest accolade in life thus far.

Im the CEO/Owner of Heavy bank alumni 8319 ent which I am signed to as an artist and author as well. I am proud to say that we have been in business and operating since November 2014.

Tell us a little about your company/brand -

Heavy bank alumni 8319 ent was founded by myself in the winter of 2014 as a company we have released several musically projects as well. The first artist's we signed and developed was a group named Fastlane fast money which consisted of 4 members including myself ( Fastlane Ap ) along with Sota the Banga, Da problem, Fastlanefastmoney Rio (Rip) after signing the group to an independent label with a distribution deal with a major label we released our first and only project which was released on solely through heavy bank alumni 8319 ent before signing our new situation. While working on our second official studio project the group disbanded before our second project could be turned into our new labels distribution company, Due to internal disputes and the murder of founding member (Rip) Fastlane Fast money Rio. After his untimely death, the group was released from its situation leaving the remaining members of the group as unsigned free agents who were released from any remaining obligations . After taking a long and much-needed hiatus away from the music aspect of the entertainment business to focus on other business ventures such as writing and publishing several books under the Heavy bank alumni brand under the pen name Fast lane Fast money ap meant to honor fallen member Fastlane Fast money Rio (Rip ). Before returning to the studio releasing my first solo record (Check the bag ) which was produced by T-lace since leaving the group.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Lord willing I'll be running a multi-facet entertainment company that specializes in music, artist development along with writing and producing, releasing our own films. Along with helping to run and build our clothing brand at Rich Alumni. At the moment I've written and self-published 3 books under our brand which have all sold very independently we have 5 more books and several authors that I've mentored and helped to release their own books as well that are complete from top to bottom, just waiting to be released at any given moment.

Who are your mentors?

Honestly, I've been blessed to rub elbows and build relationships with a lot of good people in the industry. without name dropping ill simply say I appreciate everyone that I've been able to work within the industry however if I'm going, to be honest, the biggest mistake an artist can make is believing that everyone in the industry is their friend. I realized early on this is a business and you should treat it as such. I have a select few that I can say we have a relationship with within the industry and outside of the industry. I want to give a shout to my mentor Terry wroten, the whole no breaks publishing team for walking me through the release of my first two books Street dreams & federal nightmares, my second release Deeper, Musically I want to thank everyone who has played a part in my journey no matter how big or small your hard work hasn't gone unnoticed. Shout out to Heavy bank alumni 8319 ent as a whole from top to bottom Big C, Lex, Tone, Brandon, (Free) Jawn blaze, (Rip) Fastlane fast money Rio, (Free )700 Scobby, and Lady Ap who I owe the biggest thank you of all, Who has helped make this thing possible by investing her time, energy, money into helping build this company and dream from the ground up.

What are you currently working on?

The better question would be what am I not working on? but in all seriousness, I'm always in the studio working honestly and im sitting on well over 100 records so it's more about picking and releasing the right records my lead single Bando from my official Album V.I.T.T.O which is an acronym for Victory is the only option will be out mid-February 20222. Besides music, I'm a partner in an urban clothing company called Rich Alumni that's family-owned we actually launched our brand in 2021 during the pandemic. Shout out to my business partners at Rich alumni and also my business partner Casey at Sinister wraps & car audio.

During COVID, we all faced struggles, what was one of your main struggles?

Honestly, covid hit home after several of my close friends and loved ones contracted it, I can say I was blessed to not catch it myself until December of 2021 even though I did a lot of traveling over the past 2 years before and after the virus hit.

Where can fans purchase your music?

Anywhere you can buy music digitally Tidal I-tunes Spotify amazon etc. Just type in Fastlane Ap and I'm going to pop up.

Be looking out for my official single Bando ft Big C which was produced by T-lace and video directed by whoishidef, Who also shot my video for my single check the bag which is out now.

That was played on shade 45, Ps If I forgot to mention your name don't take it personally it wasn't intentional, If you know me then you know if it's love then it's love and if it's f*ck you then it's f*ck you #Fassssssssssssstlannnnnnnnneeeeeeeeee

What are your social links?