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S.Dotte is an Artist, Musician, Clothing Designer and Fire Fighter and is best known as a lyrical craftsman specializing in storytelling and soulful music. With over 7,200+ followers and subscribers on Instagram Twitter and Facebook his content has totaled massive views. S.Dotte has collaborated and performed with Bone Thugs, Lil Flip, Luck Kennedy, Lloyd Banks, Monica, Dalima, Mistah F.A.B and Gorilla Zoe. He has KingSlayer, M.C.R.O, Feel Good, Curse of Power and a variety of singles. He has been serving his community as a Firefighter and humanitarian since 2005 while simultaneously starting his journey of creating music To share with the world.

What is your name?

My name is Adrian, but people know me as S.Dotte or Swag

Where are you from/age?

I'm 37 and I'm from Kansas City, Kansas
913 "The Home Of Champions"

What do you do?

I'm a Artist, husband, father, CEO, Clothing designer and a fire fighter as well. Not your everyday jack of all trades. Lol

Tell us a little about your company/brand -

My company is Status L.L.C and record Label is J.F.K Music. It's all about embracing your true self with me. and that took Sacrifices Trends appreciation Truth uniqueness Spirituality.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Retiring from the Kansas City Kansas Fire Department. That place took up so much of my time, I'm ready to start taking trips and focus on producing music and Clothing now my body different. I also been learning more about the stock market. I may become a silent investor...

Who are your mentors?

I don't have any mentors per say, but there are a chosen few I respect and value there opinions.

What are you currently working on?

I just finished my EP "Feel Good" that's out now on all platforms!

During COVID, we all faced struggles, what was one of your main struggles?

Well I was on the frontline in the trenches treating people with COVID. I've seen families devastated, my family was impacted It's definitely something to take serious and watch out for but not to the extremes the media was portraying. I'm still waiting on that money from that bill that was passed for essential workers the city holding from us though. That's another topic for another day

Where can fans purchase your music?

I'm on all major streaming platforms.

Anything you'd like to include?

God is Good, and Thank you for everything.

What are your social links?

Facebook: S.Dotte Music