EXCLUSIVE TEASER: Shar Jackson AKA "Monique" Of "Good Burger"/"Good Burger 2"...


Shar Jackson (@shar_jackson) AKA "Monique" Of Nickelodeon's "Good Burger"/"Good Burger 2" & More Exclusive Interview With Standish Coming Soon!

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EXCLUSIVE TEASER: Ben J Of "New Boyz"...

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Actor "JASON BAYLE" Talks Working With Jamie Foxx, "Happy Death Day", "The Burial", & More With Standish913...

Standish913.com has been blessed to do an exclusive interview with...


Let's get into some exclusive questions...

HEATHER: What was the most memorable part of acting on "Happy Death Day”?

JASON: Sometimes you can tell from the beginning that you have good actor chemistry with someone and I could sense that Jessica and I could play well with each from the minute we met. And that that film is so funny and touching and scary is a testament to how talented a filmmaker Christopher Landon is. 

HEATHER: You played "Gordon Metzger" in 2023's "The Burial" starring Jamie Foxx & Tommy Lee Jones, how'd you land this role?

JASON: I audition, had a zoom callback with Maggie Betts, the director, and booked it. 

HEATHER: You played an "Associate Lawyer" in "Get Hard" starring Kevin Hart & Wil Farrell, how'd you land this role & what was the set atmosphere like? 

JASON: That was the first film I ever booked and I got cut out of the scene I was in. The atmosphere was great but I was scared out of my mind. I was there with Will, Alison Brie, Craig T. Nelson, and I could barely breathe. Probably why I didn’t make the final cut. But they were super welcoming and supportive. It was great experience. 

HEATHER: Which set location was the most interesting to work at?

JASON: The closed prison they used for Black Bird is a spooky one. You can feel the ghosts in the walls. 

HEATHER: What is the most fulfilling part of being a speaker coach?

JASON: Helping people find their most authentic and expressive self never gets old. And I feel like I get to use a lifetime of experience and brand new way. 

HEATHER: Out of every location you've worked on which was the most challenging and why?

JASON: We did over night shoots for Roots and that was tough. Hard to muster your best concentration at 2am in the morning. 

HEATHER: We find inspiration in so many things. What inspired you the most to start your career in the film industry?

JASON: The main thing that has kept me in the business are teachers and mentors and the people I meet. The combined effect of someone appreciating your work and the encouragement you receive along the way is the thing that keeps you going. 

HEATHER: What types of characters are you most excited to land role for, why?

JASON: I’m not too picky these days frankly, but I love characters that do the wrong thing for the right reasons. 

HEATHER: Have you had to reject any roles due to conflicting schedules?

JASON: I try not to! But happens to the best of us. Schedules shift and sometimes things just can’t be help and you have to pull out of project.

HEATHER: Acting can be very demanding on the mind and body. What is something, possibly a hobby, you do to relax in your free time?

JASON: I like to read, spend time with my family. I try to exercise and meditate. I have a great group of friends and I play golf as often as I can with them. 

HEATHER: If you wouldn't have proceeded with acting, what do you think your career would be today?

JASON: That’s a really great question. Maybe in tech somewhere, like IT? Hard to tell. Feel like I”m pot committed at this point in my life. 

HEATHER: Out of all of your credits, what's been your favorite?

JASON: Like asking who’s your favorite child! I’ve been lucky to work with tremendously talented artists. Getting to do a scene with Jamie Foxx was a dream. Working with Dennis Lehane on Black Bird. In 2019 I got to double Alex winter and and play Bill, of camera for he and Keanu on the new Bill and Ted movie. It was a fantastic experience. I’m lucky on so many levels. Every piece of TV or film that gets made is miracle. I try to appreciate them all and not take them for granted.

HEATHER: Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

JASON: If I could script it for myself, I’d be on a really cool Sci-Fi series. 

HEATHER: Who are some of your mentors?

JASON: Kathy Scambiaterra, Jon Shear, Fred Hoebel, George Judy, Rick Holben. 

HEATHER: During COVID, we all faced struggles, what was one of your main struggles?

JASON: Paying the mortgage! We were really lucky though and as I look back on that time, we spent so much time together as a family that I treasure it. And we never got sick.

HEATHER: Where can fans find your work?

JASON: I think I’m just about all over the streamers. But you can find me on Instagram too. @jasonbayle

HEATHER: What are your social links?

JASON: @jasonbayle, on instagram and X


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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Legendary Voice Actor "Jess Harnell" Talks Crash Bandicoot, Animaniacs, Transformers & So Much More With Standish...

 Standish913.com has been blessed to do an exclusive interview with...


Hey Christopher, it's Jess Harnell. I just want to say thank you very much for reaching out for the interview. I wish you luck with your channel and it seems like you're doing some great things. Let's get started!

STANDISH: You voiced "Chilly" in "Doc McStuffins", can you tell us more...

JESS: Doc McStuffins I was so grateful for because it really helped a lot of young kids feel more comfortable about going to the doctor and not so scared if they got sick. So I was happy to be part of that.

Basically Chris you know any time you get to voice a major character like that it's just a huge blessing in a real gift, because hopefully it can impact people's lives in a happy, positive way and make them smile which is really a kind of know what I'm all about at the end of the day.

STANDISH: You voice "Crash Bandicoot" in video games, TV series & more, how'd you land this amazing role and what's it like being apart of such a great legacy?

JESS: Crash Bandicoot obviously I think it's fantastic because so many people have played those games for so long. It's like whenever I meet somebody who loves Crash I always say that it's like we've been friends for years because we've been playing together for years ya know?

STANDISH: You voiced "Ghost Knight", "Jimmy the Gardner" & more in different "Scooby Doo" projects, tell us how that feels and also how you landed these?

JESS: As far as the Scooby Doo stuff is always a pleasure! I've even got to do Shaggy for something but I don't member what it was. In any time you take on a legacy character like that from your own childhood it makes you smile because there's that connection you know?

STANDISH: You voiced "Ironhide" in many "Transformers" projects, can you tell us more?

JESS: Transformers was fantastic! I actually didn't know what I was auditioning for the first time that I recorded for that, but then I found out it was Transformers and I'm very happy to be a part of that franchise and legacy too. I can tell you it was funny because they wanted an English accent. I always wonder why there are so many English accents in space, much less coming from a robot.

STANDISH: You voiced "Wakko Warner" in "Animaniacs", tell us more about how you landed this awesome role...


JESS: As far as Wacko Warner, that was my first really big series that I ever got. Before Animaniacs and that came about as when I did the call back, we were just trying all kinds of different impressions and somebody said how about the Beetles? And, I said yea how about them, I love those guys! So that's how we arrived at Wacko sounded like Wacko you know which is pretty cool. He sounded like a beetle on helium.

STANDISH: What was it like working with Adam Sandler's movie "Little Nicky" as "Gary the Monster"? How'd you land this role?

JESS: You mentioned working with Adam Sander or Little Nicky, I landed that with an addition. Adam couldn't have been nicer. In fact my wife and I ran into him in a hollywood restaurant recently and again couldn't have been nicer. It's always nice, always great to see a nice person become so successful because man you know the world needs nice people right? Right! 

STANDISH: What's it feel like being apart of the "Tom & Jerry" legacy?

JESS: I'm just very grateful to be a part of that as well as a lots of other things that hopefully do have a legacy or will have a legacy as years go by. Sometimes we work on shows, and we don't know that they're going to be as impactful as they are until a years later, so I consider that a real honor.

STANDISH: With me being born & raised in Kansas, I see you've landed several "Wizard Of Oz" projects, how'd those come about and do you have any history in Kansas yourself?

JESS: Yes, I have and I love that. That's my favorite movie of all time, so how cool is that Chris? I got to be the lion, so I love doing that. It came about again through auditions and the fact that I think I had a little advantage or of a secret weapon and that I got lion hair and, I know the movie like the back of my hand so I came and very prepared. Don't have any history in Kansas myself except passing through the state which of course as you know is beautiful and I met a lot of nice people there so I'm happy about that.

STANDISH: If you could play one specific voiceover/role today, what would it be?

JESS: I would have to go with Batman. I've loved Batman since I was a kid and haven't had the chance yet to play him, but hopefully one day I will. I would love to do that, just because it's a part of my own childhood.

STANDISH: Can you tell us a little about your overall mission, Jess?

JESS: Well, that's a good question, Chris. I like that. My overall mission is to be a good man. I want to be a good Christian. I want to be a good husband. I want to be a good man. And all those things come into play in my daily life. Hopefully, a part of being a good man is just, you know, taking a minute whenever possible to make somebody else feel good because the light that we shine on other people always seems to reflect the most brightly on ourselves. So I just kind of go through my life. I try to be nice, and I hope I agree. That's my wish that everybody would do that because the world is a brighter and happier place.

STANDISH: You're in a band called "Rock Sugar", can you tell us more about this?

JESS: Yes, I am! Rock Sugar took off in a big way. For those of you who haven't checked it out you can go to RockSugarBand.com or to hear the music you can go to youtube and just put in a Rock Sugar. If you like anything about the eighties you will love this man and I say that with no ego because if I had nothing to do with it, it would be my favorite band just cause it's so much a darn fun. Basically what we do is we take eighties metal songs from artists like Metallica, AC/DC and heavy bands like that and then I sing pop songs by artists like Journey, Madonna, Paula Abdul and stuff like that over these heavy rock songs and create mashups. As far as I know we were one of the first bands to do that live and it took on a life of its own. It really became a big deal, on which I'm very blessed and grateful for we got to play in front of ten and thousands of people, and opened up for bands like Aerosmith, AC/DC, Deaf Leppard and a lot of bands that I loved when I was a kid. So that was pretty awesome! We just put out a second album last year, no actually like three years ago now that I think of it. Time flies man and you can get that album on Rocksugarband.com and I even if you don't get it check it out on youtube, guarantee it'll make you smile and if you play it at a party your friends will think they're drinking a whole lot more than they are cause it's full of surprises.

STANDISH: What can we look forward to in the future from you?

JESS: Man, hopefully more of the same. You know it's like I've been doing this, like so many of the great people that I work with, have been doing it for a very long time, and every year that we get to do it again is a huge gift and I don't take it lightly.

In the meantime, you know hopefully new projects will continue to come up and they do. I'm working on a few series right now that I can't say too much about but hopefully people will love them. You know more of the same, more music and if we ever have the pleasure of meeting you or any of the people reading or listening to this interview hopefully a lot more smiles, that's a good thing!

STANDISH: Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

JESS: Again basically just doing my thing man, and my thing. My world has gotten a little smaller since I think 2020. I met my wife shortly before that time and at this point my favorite thing to do is just stay home. I'm not you know the oldest guy in the world but I love just being at home under a blanket with my girl and our kitties, watching movies, watching tv, reading, taking walks and going to great restaurants. And in five years hopefully more of the same, as well as some more you know cool credits to be proud of but I am already so lucky and so blessed to have the list that I do. You can check that on IMDB, I always forget the stuff that I worked on and then people read and I had no idea you worked on that, I said yet neither and I forgot.

STANDISH: Who were some of your mentors?

JESS: Well God is a big one, Jesus is a big one, Dale Carnegie is a big one. Dale Carnegie wrote a book called How to win friends and influence people, that changed my life. If you haven't read it, it will change yours, it's all about how to just get along with people, which when you think about it is maybe the most valuable skill you can have in the workplace or in your personal life. In voice over I would say my animaniacs co-stars because it was my first series, Rob Paulson, Tres McNeil, Frank Welker, people like that. Also Jim Cummings I worked with Jim you know when he was the star of a couple of shows that I guested on and I watched him work and was so impressed and I still am. 

STANDISH: During COVID, we all faced struggles, what was one of your main struggles?

JESS: During covid we all faced struggles, what was one of your main struggles? My biggest struggle during covid because I was happy as a clam because I got to be at home with my girl which as I said above is to a favorite spot of mine. My means one of my the biggest struggle I think I had was feeling bad for other people. I consider myself a compassionate person and I saw lots of people lose their businesses, lose their restaurants, lose their stores. These are independent stores and restaurants not the mega stores that you now seem to come through just fine, but that really made me sad. Made me sad to see kids miss their friends and feel secluded and not get to go to their proms or graduations or events that they otherwise would have been able to go to. I felt very sad and I was really happy when it was over.

STANDISH: Where can fans find your work?

JESS: First of all I never use the word fans to describe myself. I look at it like their friends because they support me and that's what friends do. They can find it anywhere! I have had the extreme good fortune of being featured on almost of every big animate animated project in a long for a long long time and even like I said early or I'm surprised sometimes to see my name because I forgot I worked on them., but I did and if you just google me or go to imdb you'll find all that stuff I'm all over it, youtube with a Rock Sugar and other things and you never have to look too far which is kind of nice.

STANDISH: Anything you'd like to include here?

JESS: Anything I'd like to include yes, I just want to say that I wish everybody out there all the best and that they continue to be happy and make a other people happy and do their best, because we only got one shot of this thing and it's not a dress rehearsal so let's make it fun on less make it count.

STANDISH: What are your social links?

JESS: My social links are...

Instagram @JessHarnell_

Facebook @TherealJessHarnell

Twitter @Jessharnell

Also I would like to include that there's a little Instagram page that my wife and I created @harnellevision and that's on Instagram. All it is, is like two to three minute wishes and like advice and input and experiences that we've had. That we hoped might benefit other people. It's free, it's quick, and from what I've heard it adds a bright spot to people's days so if you're looking for something or you're looking for a little you know being uplifted this is a good place to find it we hope. And if you like it all we ask is that you share it with your friends who might use a positive word on a sometimes negative day, you know?


Thanks so much for your time!

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EXCLUSIVE TEASER: Cheryl Chase AKA "Angelica Pickles" From Rugrats...





EXCLUSIVE TEASER: Bumblefoot (Ex-GunsNRoses)...


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EXCLUSIVE TEASER: Darryl "DMC" McDaniels Sits Down With Standish The 3rd Year In A Row...


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EXCLUSIVE TEASER: Voice Actor "Jess Harnell" AKA Wakko Warner...


🎮 "WAKKO WARNER" AKA Jess Harnell (@jessharnell_) Exclusive Interview With Standish COMING SOON!... Very STOKED For This One!... Jess Has Played Hundreds Of Roles Including Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Wakko Warner (Animaniacs), Ironhide (Transformers), Chilly (Doc McStuffins) & Many Many More!

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Scott Chambers, Executive Producer Of "Winnie The Pooh: Blood And Honey 2", "Cinderella's Curse" & Many More...

Standish913.com has been blessed to do an exclusive interview with...


Let's get into some exclusive questions...

STANDISH: You're executive producer of upcoming movie "Cinderella's Curse", can you tell us more

SCOTT: Yes, we made the movie last year and it is coming up for its release in a few months. It is a nod toward CARRIE.

STANDISH: How did you prepare for your role as "Richard" in the movie "Chicken"?

SCOTT: It was actually a theatre play before a movie. So, I was lucky enough to be able to work on the role for some time during the theatre run in London. When I then reprised the role for film I worked a lot more on the voice, the movements etc. I watched a lot of documentaries with children on the spectrum and tried to find the most accurate way to perform the role.  

STANDISH: Out of the movies you have acted in which was the most exciting role?

SCOTT: For sure Chicken! I was spoilt with that being my first lead role. I then went on to think everything would be as challenging and fun.. With acting I like to really ACT. So, CHICKEN was a truly special role. 

STANDISH: You've produced so many movies in such a short amount of time. How did you manage your time so well?

SCOTT: I do not have a social life! I work extremely hard, and no matter what time of the day or night - I will always reply. I am addicted to it. I absolutely love what I do and my determination to be successful drives this. I set myself goals and I ensure I meet them.. or somewhere close!

STANDISH: Which of your upcoming projects are you most nervous for critics to review?

SCOTT: I don't really care about critics to be totally honest. They don't make me nervous what so ever. I think with films such as Winnie they were always going to be spoken in a negative light, people want to hate! These films are not made for critics so I have no interest in seeing what they have to say. 

STANDISH: Being able to play as "Ian McKellen", how did it feel knowing you landed that role?

SCOTT: It was incredibly exciting. What a legend!! I was over the moon to get the role, and to play someone as amazing as Ian!

STANDISH: What are a few things you do during your busy schedule to relax?

SCOTT: Hmm.. Watch movies! I love going to the cinema, going to the gym, shopping.. Generic fun stuff. 

STANDISH: Which film location was the most difficult to navigate, why?

SCOTT: They all have their challenges because you are working on a shoe string budget (mostly) and so you are constantly dealing with the hosts moaning and complaining! Shooting in the woods is always hard because the British weather is unpredictable, and finding places for general things can be hard such as; toilet, someone to keep dry, keep warm etc..

STANDISH: When acting do you prefer the full length or short films best, why?

SCOTT: Feature for sure! I like to go on a full journey with a character showing a full beginning, middle and end. You do not get to always do that on short films due to the time you get to play the role. 

STANDISH: What would be your dream role to land?

SCOTT: Something similar to American Pyscho. I want to play someone who is super unhinged and layered - difficult roles excite me. 

STANDISH: Are there any specific people you would enjoy the chance to work with or alongside?

SCOTT: Not really. Famous people don't really do much for me. I am mostly interested in working with nice people. Personality is everything to me. I want to work with people that don't bring drama to set!

STANDISH: Do you have any advice for people who aspire to work in the film industry?

SCOTT: Work hard. Don't be lazy. Don't go into this job expecting everything to come on a plate and be easy. This industry is tough and to make it you need to go for it. Don't wait for the phone to ring - just go for it!

STANDISH: "Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey" went viral. How do you feel about it becoming so big?

SCOTT: It was crazy! It was what I had been leading toward - I wanted this to happen. I had been making a load of clickbait movies in hope one would pop. I was excited but also wish I had the budget to have made the movie what we truly wanted. However - it now has opened the doors to great opportunities and that was the plan all along. 

STANDISH: What inspired you to do what you do today? What keeps pushing you further?

SCOTT: My love for horror film is truly what keeps me going. There is not a specific person or project, it is the determination to succeed and do well. 

STANDISH: What was your experience like on the set of Doctor Jekyll?

SCOTT: It was a fun shoot! I got to work with Joe Stephenson again and I absolutely love working with him. 

STANDISH: What are your social links?

scottchambers_ / insta

scottjeffreyproducer / insta

scott_jchambers / x


Thanks so much for your time!

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EXCLUSIVE TEASER: Voice Actor "Jess Harnell" AKA Crash Bandicoot...


🎮 "CRASH BANDICOOT" AKA Jess Harnell (@jessharnell_) Exclusive Interview With Standish COMING SOON!... Very STOKED For This One!... Jess Has Played Hundreds Of Roles Including Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Wakko Warner (Animaniacs), Ironhide (Transformers), Chilly (Doc McStuffins) & Many Many More!

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Music Composer of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" Video Game & Many More Sits Down With Standish...

Standish913.com has been blessed to do an exclusive interview with...


Let's get into some questions...

STANDISH: You were the music composer for the new horror video game "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre", how'd you land that role & how does it feel being apart of that amazing legacy?

ROSS: It still feels like a dream! I’ve been a horror nerd since my early teens, so I was absolutely delighted to be part of the franchise’s history - what horror fan wouldn’t be!? It came about through my job as composer/audio director at games company Sumo Digital. We split our time making original games and working with publishers on existing licenses. In this case, it was the Kentucky based company Gun Interactive, who had secured the rights to Texas Chain Saw, and needed a developer to make the game. Fast forward 4 years, and we’ve released it and it’s been a huge success, which makes me so happy. My soundtrack for it was released on vinyl too, which was a bonus! It’s certainly the craziest score I’ve composed - it used screams, pigs, aztec death whistle, bones, shaking metal and more - it was a hell of a lot of fun.

STANDISH: You were music composer for video game "Deathloop" in 2021, tell us how you landed this role?

ROSS: I got my Deathloop gig through a series of connections from previous games - primarily due to my composing for the game Wolfenstein: Youngblood, and the contacts I made through that game. Writing for Deathloop was amazing fun - it required a blend of 70s psych rock, industrial music and Jazz - exactly the kind of crazy challenge I love! We got a BAFTA nomination for that soundtrack too, which was pretty wild. Bucket list moment for sure!

STANDISH: You were music composer for video game "Crysis" in 2007, can you tell us more?

ROSS: Actually for the Crysis games, barring a bit of very occasional music, I was primarily working on the sound. Those games were a lot of fun - wildly inventive sound design. There’s very few things as much fun as designing the sound for futuristic weapons. You can really go nuts! 

STANDISH: You did sound work on video game "Aliens vs. Predator" in 2010, how'd you land this awesome gig?

ROSS: That was earlier in my career (about 2009 I think) and like you say, a really awesome opportunity. The great things about working on established franchises like that is that you get to play with original source material. Listening to the source sounds for the Xenomorph aliens was so cool. They recorded sounds of pigs and then scratched vinyl records of them to create those amazing alien screams - really inventive stuff. 

STANDISH: You were music composer for video game "Team Sonic Racing", how's it feel to be apart of the "Sonic" legacy?

ROSS: It was the lure of Sonic that enticed me to join the company Sumo Digital, which at the time had just opened a new office in Nottingham, UK. Again, I was primarily working on sound design for that game, with Japanese SEGA composer Jun Senuoe writing and sourcing the key music. Some crazy stuff on that soundtrack - some songs got to a tempo above 300BPM! To counterpoint it though, we needed some chilled music for the story mode, so I wrote that content - kinda dreamy, happy Sega inspired tunes - a polar opposite the horror stuff I write most of them for sure. Amazing to be part of Sonic’s legacy! It doesn’t get much more iconic when it comes to video games.

STANDISH: Tell us a little about your overall mission, Ross -

ROSS: I’ve had some great opportunities over the years and I’m very proud of my work. I think what I hope to keep bringing to the table is a spirit of adventure and experimentation. Video games can sometimes be a little conservative when it comes to their soundtracks so I think it’s good to have composers trying fresh ideas and pushing game music to be as varied and fun as possible. We’re at a great point with it in the industry now, there’s a wealth of exciting composers making wonderful varied music. 

STANDISH: If you could compose any video game, which would it be?

ROSS: Oooh that’s a tricky one! GTA would obviously be amazing, as it’s huge and crazy game. Mortal Combat would be another one I’d love to do. I feel like I’d love to writer some dark electronic music for it. Overall though, pretty much any new game I work on always has something about it that’s exciting to me as a composer. Having said that, if I composed purely for horror for the rest of my life, I’d be a happy chap!

STANDISH: What's been your favorite project thus far? Do you prefer a certain genre of video game?

ROSS: It has to be The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - I was given a huge amount of creative freedom, and it was really rewarding to push myself and write the wildest music of my career. There certainly is something about horror games that’s particularly fun to write for, but I think anything edgy or fantastical has a lot of merit. The opportunity to go a little nuts is what I always want!

STANDISH: What can we look forward to in the future from you?

ROSS: More games! More crazy soundtracks! Maybe some work on films too - it’d be really cool to compose for a horror movie. I have more games coming out that I’ve written music for, but the game’s industry is very hush hush, so I can’t discuss them yet - sorry to be a tease!

STANDISH: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

ROSS: Working on games and obsessing about synths probably, the same as right now! I’m very happy with the work I do, and if I’m still composing for games at age 100, that’s totally fine with me. In terms of self improvement, I don’t think you can every stop learning when it comes to music, which is part of the joy of it. To that end I’ll try and always keep learning and growing.

STANDISH: Who are some of your mentors?

ROSS: I was lucky to meet an awesome dude called Graeme Norgate when I was younger and became friends. Graeme was already a much loved game composer, having composed for games like Goldeneye, Timesplitters, Killer Instinct and more. I learnt a lot of from him in those early days and I’ve always been hugely grateful.

In terms of people who’ve inspired me, composers like Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross, Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, Johann Johannsen, and Clint Mansell have been core influences on my sound. And Bowie! I’ve always loved Bowie, and everything about his personality and his music has inspired my work.

STANDISH: During COVID, we all faced struggles, what was one of your main struggles?

ROSS: Weirdly, while COVID was an awful time in terms of the devastation it caused, and not seeing friends and family, it was a very important time for me as a composer. It gave me time to dig in and work crazy hard, and up my skills and my commitment to life as a composer. Post lockdown, I’m obviously spending more time with friends and family again, but I try to make sure I’m always working hard on music, or looking for new work.

STANDISH: Where can fans find your work?

ROSS: Come chat to me on social media! I’m friendly and love talking music and games. You can check out my website at www.rosstregenza.com, or find me on twitter, instagram, threads or YouTube - just google my name. I have a weird last name, which makes it easier to find me! Also, you can listen to some of my game soundtracks on Spotify, and other misc tracks and albums I’ve released.

STANDISH: Anything you'd like to include/say here?

ROSS: Just a thank you to the games and horror fan communities for their amazing support, they’re awesome! And if anyone reading this is thinking of getting into composing for games, GO FOR IT! There’s a huge amount of tutorials and info online (including my own YouTube), so give it a go.

STANDISH: What are your social links?












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