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What is your name?

My name is Justin Ball, "J.Ball" for short.

Where are you from? Your age?

I’m originally from New York City but currently been living in Atlanta for a good while. I never revealed my age because I feel age had power in it and I feel people use your age and try to size you up.

What do you do?

I’m the CEO of GClassTV Ent. LLC which is a record label that offers different services.

Tell us a little about your company/brand -

I started off as a media company and would cover media for major artists, athletes, actors and high profile people. I transitioned into a record label that houses Rnb, Hiphop and a pop artist that lives overseas.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years I see myself as a household name through being one of the biggest labels in the world.

Who are some of your mentors?

Coming up I had a couple mentors that were part of major artist teams. But I take mentorship from watching inspirational videos from entrepreneurs by watching and studying the ones that came before me.

What are you currently working on?

Currently I have new records from all the artists on my team. Some of the projects feature major artists.

During COVID, we all faced struggles, what was one of your main struggles?

One of my main struggles during covid was being able to stay creative while dealing with everything that was going on due to covid.

Where can fans find your music?

fans can find the labels music on Spotify, Apple, iTunes, Pandora, & more. We also have videos on several apps on tv. We have content on WorldstarHipHop and a lot more. You can currently see all we have going on on Instagram @gclasstv.

Anything you'd like to include?

I appreciate you for having me.

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