EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Darryl "DMC" McDaniels Talks DMC Cookies, New Projects & Much More With Standish...

Standish913.com has been blessed to do another exclusive interview with...

Darryl 'DMC' McDaniels!

Let's get into some questions...

STANDISH: DMC Cookies have been introduced to the universe, can you tell us more about your cookie mission? Any other varieties coming?

DMC: Darryl Makes Cookies was something I’ve been thinking about for a few years.. I like creating things that are fun good and that make people happy. I’m always around children adults and families. I thought in addition to my music, My Adidas and my comic books, what could I create. I love cookies and I love people! I’m going to be everywhere cookies are. We will have more flavors, gluten free, vegan and of course a protein cookie for the gym!

STANDISH: Should we be expecting any new books from you? Whether comics, children's, etc.

DMC: Of course more books are coming. 2 new childrens books are own the way: Darryl’s Decision and Young DMCs Christmas In Hollis. And the DMC #4 graphic novel comic book is being created as we speak!

STANDISH: Having "Darryl Makes Comics", is there anyone you're dying to collab with in the comic world?

DMC: I have really incredible productions coming. Not just the books! I’m working with Chase Conley on something SUPER magnificent!  I’ve worked with him before on early on in The DMCU. DMC #4 has a great writer, some incredible new talents, and one of my fav writer artist creators! DMC #4 is really good because of the people I worked with. I also want to collab with Marvel and do a DMC Spider-Man team up! Makes sense because we are both from Queens!!! Marvel Let’s Meet!!!!

STANDISH: You have your own DMC wine, can you tell us more and where we can purchase it at?

DMC: I don’t actually have my own wine. Old York Cellars in Ringoes NJ has a magnificent vineyard where they do collaborations for charity! They created a DMC wine line where percentage of the proceeds go to The Felix Organization my foundation for children and youth in the foster care system. You can go to Old York Cellars website to find out how to get the DMC Labeled wines.. People that do drink and love wine say it’s a real good wine! Great for collectors, people that do drink and if you want to do something good for children. Old York is a wonderful place so if you ever come east to NYC or NJ, I suggest you should visit there. They do sell the DMC wine certain in Wegmans Supermarkets right now. 

STANDISH: Today, what would you say your biggest accomplishment has been?

DMC: My biggest accomplishment is being living proof that you can beat and defeat whatever you are struggling with. I had a multitude of mental health battles.

“Im not afraid of the dark anymore 

Because I am the light

I’ll be there at the start of the war

Because I am the fight

I’ll be the first to walk through the door 

cause I don’t want you die

I’m not going to cry anymore because I already cried

I’ll be the cure for all of the ills 

All the emotions and the thing that kills

Paid my dues like I pay my bills

Still gonna fued with the dudes on the hill

It’s okay cause I’m at ease

Kool like a breeze as it moves through the trees

Just like a wind as it sails on the seas…..

Sweet melodies is all I need!!!

STANDISH: You create opportunities for kids in foster care with "The Felix Organization", can you tell us more?

DMC: Every child deserves the opportunity to become the people they were born to be. Their situation doesn’t define who they are. We started Camp Felix to get them around others like them, their siblings and other children so they can see the truth and beauty of who they are regardless of what they are going through. From camp to college or career is what Camp Felix focuses on! Me and Sheila Jaffe, who is an award winning casting director out in Hollywood, are the cofounders. We are both adopted and we have the best team of people that make it possible to make dreams come true. Check out TheFelixOrganization.org - Donate Participate and become part of the empowerment! 

STANDISH: What all can we look forward to in the future from you?

DMC: My next frontier to boldly go where no one has gone is animation, tv series, film and Broadway! And of course new single is being released in June with album to follow. 

Single is called "She Gets Me High" and the musicians feat on it are Travis Barker, Mick Mars, Duff McKagan and Sebastian Bach. It is PHENOMENAL! Album is called America! Feat. Joan Jett Chuck D Ice T Jazzy Jeff and Sammy Hagar just to name a few. 

STANDISH: Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

DMC: Right here still doing interviews with Standish!!!

STANDISH: If you could pick 1 person in the entire industry to do a song with, who would it be?

DMC: Looking to collab with Sir Paul! One of The Beatles with One of The Beatles of Hip Hop??? PMC and DMC! Legendary!!!! Game Changer!!!

STANDISH: Who's your top 3 of all time?

DMC: Me, Myself and I! As De La Soul would say!


Freddie Mercury Mick Jagger Rob Halford


Sharock Joan Jett Janis Joplin


Chuck D Grandmaster Caz Kool Moe D


Paul McCartney John Lennon Chris Cornell

I could go on and on!

My top 3 changes because of each individual connection on a daily basis.

But a consistent top 3 who will show up constantly is Chuck D, Freddie Mercury and Caz! 

STANDISH: What does a relaxing day look like to D today?

DMC: Sitting writing a song or creating a new story for my childrens book, comic book, or writing for my play or musical.

STANDISH: Anything you'd like to include here?

DMC: 50 years of Hip Hop and I’m just getting started!!! Joan Jett told me to keep on Rrrocking!!!

STANDISH: What are your social links?

DMC: IG is @kingdmc, @dmcmakescomics and @dmccookies


Thanks so much for your time!

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