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HEATHER: What was the most memorable part of acting on "Happy Death Day”?

JASON: Sometimes you can tell from the beginning that you have good actor chemistry with someone and I could sense that Jessica and I could play well with each from the minute we met. And that that film is so funny and touching and scary is a testament to how talented a filmmaker Christopher Landon is. 

HEATHER: You played "Gordon Metzger" in 2023's "The Burial" starring Jamie Foxx & Tommy Lee Jones, how'd you land this role?

JASON: I audition, had a zoom callback with Maggie Betts, the director, and booked it. 

HEATHER: You played an "Associate Lawyer" in "Get Hard" starring Kevin Hart & Wil Farrell, how'd you land this role & what was the set atmosphere like? 

JASON: That was the first film I ever booked and I got cut out of the scene I was in. The atmosphere was great but I was scared out of my mind. I was there with Will, Alison Brie, Craig T. Nelson, and I could barely breathe. Probably why I didn’t make the final cut. But they were super welcoming and supportive. It was great experience. 

HEATHER: Which set location was the most interesting to work at?

JASON: The closed prison they used for Black Bird is a spooky one. You can feel the ghosts in the walls. 

HEATHER: What is the most fulfilling part of being a speaker coach?

JASON: Helping people find their most authentic and expressive self never gets old. And I feel like I get to use a lifetime of experience and brand new way. 

HEATHER: Out of every location you've worked on which was the most challenging and why?

JASON: We did over night shoots for Roots and that was tough. Hard to muster your best concentration at 2am in the morning. 

HEATHER: We find inspiration in so many things. What inspired you the most to start your career in the film industry?

JASON: The main thing that has kept me in the business are teachers and mentors and the people I meet. The combined effect of someone appreciating your work and the encouragement you receive along the way is the thing that keeps you going. 

HEATHER: What types of characters are you most excited to land role for, why?

JASON: I’m not too picky these days frankly, but I love characters that do the wrong thing for the right reasons. 

HEATHER: Have you had to reject any roles due to conflicting schedules?

JASON: I try not to! But happens to the best of us. Schedules shift and sometimes things just can’t be help and you have to pull out of project.

HEATHER: Acting can be very demanding on the mind and body. What is something, possibly a hobby, you do to relax in your free time?

JASON: I like to read, spend time with my family. I try to exercise and meditate. I have a great group of friends and I play golf as often as I can with them. 

HEATHER: If you wouldn't have proceeded with acting, what do you think your career would be today?

JASON: That’s a really great question. Maybe in tech somewhere, like IT? Hard to tell. Feel like I”m pot committed at this point in my life. 

HEATHER: Out of all of your credits, what's been your favorite?

JASON: Like asking who’s your favorite child! I’ve been lucky to work with tremendously talented artists. Getting to do a scene with Jamie Foxx was a dream. Working with Dennis Lehane on Black Bird. In 2019 I got to double Alex winter and and play Bill, of camera for he and Keanu on the new Bill and Ted movie. It was a fantastic experience. I’m lucky on so many levels. Every piece of TV or film that gets made is miracle. I try to appreciate them all and not take them for granted.

HEATHER: Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

JASON: If I could script it for myself, I’d be on a really cool Sci-Fi series. 

HEATHER: Who are some of your mentors?

JASON: Kathy Scambiaterra, Jon Shear, Fred Hoebel, George Judy, Rick Holben. 

HEATHER: During COVID, we all faced struggles, what was one of your main struggles?

JASON: Paying the mortgage! We were really lucky though and as I look back on that time, we spent so much time together as a family that I treasure it. And we never got sick.

HEATHER: Where can fans find your work?

JASON: I think I’m just about all over the streamers. But you can find me on Instagram too. @jasonbayle

HEATHER: What are your social links?

JASON: @jasonbayle, on instagram and X


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