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STANDISH: First off, how does it feel to be recognized as a social media sensation?

J: I don't really view myself as a sensation, I'm still the same regular kid that I was growing up, just now my fans get an inside look into my regular daily life. They come along with me in the studio, at the gym, eating with my friends, things like that.

STANDISH: You just released a single titled "Poppin Out", where'd you get your inspiration for this track?

J: I was in LA with my team, and my publicist in New York hit me and was like "Yo, Bootleg Kev wants to have you on his radio show to do a freestyle." And a lot of people on social media kept saying, "Yo, J has just one flow, or he can't freestyle." My producer Twenty has been pushing me to try out new sounds over his production, so when we were in the car heading to Kev, I said to my manager, yo what if we did it over one of these new beats with the Memphis sound he sent over. Went to do the freestyle with Kev in one take, and then it was a wrap. I posted it all over my socials, and it got 2 million views on TikTok almost instantly. So I listened to my fans and uploaded it to all the DSPs, and that's how it came about.

STANDISH: If you could work with one artist, who would it be?

J: Polo G, no questions asked.

STANDISH: Tell us a little about your overall mission, J -

J: My overall mission is to show people it doesn't matter the way you look, how you walk, how you talk, etc. Don't let it discourage you from what you want to do, and as cliche as it is, really just anything is possible. I truly want to show people that I'm living proof of that, no matter what obstacles life throws at you don't ever tell yourself that you're not able, because this shit is actually possible.

STANDISH: Out of all the projects you've done, what's been your favorite?

J: "@ Me Now". This was the first song that I started to show listeners some insight into who I am. And it made me feel good the way it was received by just everyone, it shut a lot of the doubters up, especially those who said I was just a one-trick pony. This was one of the first songs that I actually started to take my music more seriously, and it went on to show me that I can do this, and I just needed to dial in more into being consistent.

STANDISH: How old were you when you first realized you wanted to do what you do today?

J: 13-years-old, because I was inspired by artists I was listening to at the time like Lil Tjay, Polo G, etc., artists that were really big around the 2019 era.

STANDISH: Where do you find your motivation to be great?

J: I just always knew that there was room for growth because I blew up differently than a lot of other artists. So now I'm trying to move away from how I blew up because at first there were the Lil Baby comparisons, but now everyone is seeing me for who I truly am.

STANDISH: What can we look forward to in the future from you?

J: An artist who will always gives my fans the music and content that they want, and always dropping hits. That's what you can expect from me, and never changing because of fame and music, just staying true to myself.

STANDISH: Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

J: One of the biggest artists in the world, fasho. A very successful entrepreneur, with multiple businesses, that's where I see myself in 5 years.

STANDISH: Who are some of your mentors?

J: My producer Twenty, who has been in the game for a long time working with artists like Da Baby in my area. Stunna 4 Vegas, my manager Jeff Fenster who is a fuckin' legend, and my homie Onenito because he pushed me to be myself and not fall into the trap of being like everyone else.

STANDISH: During COVID, we all faced struggles, what was one of your main struggles?

J: I stopped making music for a minute around this time because it was looking like it wouldn't pan out. But thankfully I got my motivation back after watching the music video "Fortnight" by Polo G.

STANDISH: What advice would you give upcoming creatives like yourself?

J: Don't let the roller coaster of your views going up and down stop you from constantly creating and putting out content. Just stay consistent and something will stick. I see a lot of people losing motivation and giving up way too easily when in reality you're just one video away or one song away from getting to your destination.

STANDISH: Where can fans find your music?

J: I'm on all platforms, just look up Lil Man J.

STANDISH: Anything you'd like to include?

J: More new music coming soon, a project coming in early 2024, and just staying focused.

STANDISH: What are your social links?

J: It's @reallilmanj on everything and officiallilmanj on Snapchat


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