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STANDISH: What is your name? Age?

SHAD: My name is Trenchlyfe Shad I’m 25 I’ll be 26 August 5th.

STANDISH: Where are you from?

SHAD: I’m from Kansas City the MO shoutout to Kansas thou shout out all my Kansas people they show love.

STANDISH: What do you do?

SHAD: I entertain and make music right now I’m trying to focus on getting more music out but I’m also a Gamer hope to become a streamer as well.

STANDISH: Tell us a little about your mission -

SHAD: My mission is to make Trenchlyfe something big coming out of KCMO /KCK, create a lane for any entertainment to have a chance to go big in any lane they choose some day i hope to make movies one day. Mainly show my kids that best thing in life is to pursue your dreams and go all in on anything you want to do.

STANDISH: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

SHAD: 5 years is a long time but it will come so fast so ima gone say hopefully retiring from rapping and in my movie lane and just entertaining the world I really don’t see me rapping after I’m 30 honestly but who knows shit I just pray I’m alive ya hear me

STANDISH: Who are your mentors?

SHAD: I would have to say myself man , honestly like I learn so we’ll just from experience so like growing up I really looked up to nobody I was just being me I learn from every one I encountered with in my life rather I learned good or bad but my mother , my granny , my grandmother , and aunties really showed me a lot as a kid so them my best mentors.

STANDISH: What are you currently working on?

SHAD: I’m currently working with on 12 singles to drop in about a 7 months span so like 8 videos I’m hoping , and after that a tape. But I have songs that’s just vaulted as well that I never went back to so we all in really about drop lots of music man.

TL Shad's newest release...
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STANDISH: During COVID, we all faced struggles, what was one of your main struggles?

SHAD: My main struggles in that shit was losing my cousin and my auntie in that same year lost my auntie to Covid and my cousin to so bullshit. But those was hard times man and I know plenty people had hella struggles in that shit we just blessed to still be here.

STANDISH: Where can fans find your music?

SHAD: They can find me on any platform man you got Spotify , iTunes , Apple Music, TikTok, all that type one TL Shad and tap in we got a lot coming this year.

STANDISH: Anything you'd like to include?

SHAD: Big shoutout to da hype man he know what it is and shout out Standish913 for making this happen man appreciate you let’s go KC stand up TLE TRENCHLYFE ENTERTAINMENT Love all

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