EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: "SLXMPED" Is Back & More Evolved Than Ever...

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Here's our official exclusive interview...

Glad to have you back for another exclusive! What's been up since last year?

Man so much good stuff has been happening ever since then, I've been working on and on and it's gotten me to a great point not only in my music career, but in my life overall and I feel at peace with everything.

How has your sound evolved since the last time we spoke?

My sound has been evolving quite insane, I've started making a lot of screamo, hyperplugg, ambient guitar, and ambient piano songs and it has just grown my experience at a tremendous rate with my SoundCloud, YouTube, and Instagram going no where but up, I make Hip-Hop as well can't forget.

How has your sound impacted you and how do you think you impacted your audience?

A very good large amount of my audience came from the Screamo/Trap Metal that I've been making, as well as making more connections within the underground it's been a long crazy and fun road to go down.
Another good part of my audience came from this single I have called Crystal Clouds (Remix) which has over 2k plays and 70+ likes. I like to think I help my audience get out their emotions when they need it. They either want to get their anger out with metal or miss that special someone with a sad song of mine.

Who's one artist that you'd absolutely love to work with?

I'd love to work with City Morgue, PRXJEK, kill dyll, dirtybutt, Nascar Aloe, pouya, kxllswxtch, Joji, and washed out. All of these artists are some of the many influences that I have and it would be a giant honor to even be in the same studio as they're in.

Any new possible features in the works?

Well soon I am gonna be gearing up for another making of Standish's Anthem part 2 so be on the lookout for that. I will also be having a collab with urfavxboyfriend once the track gets completed.

Do you have any other hustles besides music?

I've actually been working on my own clothing brand here and there for quite sometime, I'm gonna be making crust punk clothing such as pants, shirts, hoodies, etc. I have some pairs that I made myself and once school ends I will be working on that full time while occasionally dropping music and YouTube videos.

In your opinion, what's the best part about all of the work you're putting in?

Best part about all of what I'm doing is that it made me be a better person, music was the only thing I had to keep myself happy and busy once I lost that one person I didn't wanna lose. It taught me a lesson in life that as long as you're doing something that carries your soul to a better height of independence, happiness, and self love, you'll feel invincible whether you have somebody with you or not.

What's up with these publicity stunts you've been doing on Instagram?

Recently I've been having my own fun on social media bashing crappy celebrities in the comments of Instagram posts such as prodbyzaqq, ayookd1, and Ally Lotti. I managed to get a couple ratios to laugh at poking fun at prodbyzaqq. He can take a joke though so I commend him on that. As of today I'm still not unblocked by ayookd1 which is hilarious since he's supposed to be a "thug" but blocks me once I mess with him one time over a barely funny reason. Making funny comments also gets a lot of people looking at my account which helps a lot. Making myself more known in my local area by interacting with more artists helps. Also Pouya owes me a skateboard, I'll leave you guessing on why till you figure it out haha.

Anything you'd like to include?

To the person who reads this I wanna just say thank you for your time and thank you for giving me a chance. The best song to listen to for the new people who wanna hear what I got is called "Crystal Clouds (Remix)" it's a chill dubstep/pop track that'll keep you vibing and relaxing the whole time.
I also wanna give a shout-out to U365, bloodspun, xolostboy, and problemchild this is only the start of this and I appreciate y'all being there for me.

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