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What is your name?

Rasheed AKA "KC NASH"

Where are you from?

I’m from Kansas City, Kansas.

What do you do?

I kill beats I punch in I write I produce/engineer I got it out the mud then went legit didn’t graduate high school not something I’m proud of but I went into the car business and I used to hustle so I knew how to talk and finesse and made my first 100K at 24.

Tell us a little bit about your company/brand -

I have a few I love cross genre music so I made a brand called H.E.L.P which I made an acronym that stands for Heal Every Living Person- I was going through a rough time and wanted to make music for the people who suffer from mental health and addiction to let them know they aren’t alone and they’re people that understand. I even had shirts made with a help hotline on the bakc. I had 650,00 views before Facebook deleted it claiming i was promoting drug use and suicide but it was the complete opposite I was rapping and singing from the perspective of how I and how many people around the world feel. I’m still coming up with other brands for my trap rap and stuff I’ll have a name for it soon. Stuntin is a song I am finishing up the production which is another persona than the mental health genre it is me at my most confident level I am untouchable Kc Nash is a big stuntin ballin lives life on his own terms and so much more Stuntin is going to be a single possibly an album but I’m trying to make a hit single to get everything jumped off and that’s one that I have really got a lot of positive feed bakc on and the cadence and swag on it I’m very proud of I felt like that’s my style I’ve never heard anyone use a cadence like that. I also have one called subpoena which I’m very proud of as well. I have so many songs that range from trap rap op rap country rap emo rap mental health rap etc the list goes on. I have some studio time in Memphis at an incredible studio where Elvis to 36 mafia have recorded hits at. I’m at a stage now where I feel like I’ve mastered my craft or am getting extremely close because you can always get better. I can engineer some but at heart I’m a booth head so if any engineers that want to link up doesn’t matter If you are just starting or not reach out and let’s work. I am going to shoot the video for.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years if I’m not dead or in prison I believe with all my being I’ll be a full time artist and will be able to make money to do it to support my family. I’d love to be rich and famous but if I could make enough just to live off and do what I love which is music that would be fulfilling enough for me.

Who are some of your mentors?

My big bro was and is my mentor. He did 10 years in the Feds in Leavenworth Ks he never wanted to rap he was a true hustler he loved his family and did things since we were kids that no one should have to but he had so much love for his for our family that even though we did bad things we feel like we were doing them for the right reasons If that makes sense we went through so many alleged shoot outs and deals and and had weight and his loyalty always standing on all ten made me want to be like Mike like him. He was supposed to manage me stuntin his name is in the chorus he was gonna be In the video we were going to shoot it on his birthday but he was shot and killed being a Hero protecting his family so no one else died that’s who he was. He was a real G and didn’t care who knew it he died just a few months after doing 10 years shits never gonna quit hurting. Musically Bone Thugs was a huge inspiration on my life Nelly Rich the Factor young thug Tupac . I mean I love so many genres and cross genres of music the list could go on for a long time.

What are you currently working on?

I’m working on finishing up the production on stuntin singles. I have a song called subpoena Kc from the dot. Excited to let people see that side of my art the alter ego.

During COVID, we all faced struggles, what was one of your main struggles?

I was already deal with a lot of things as far as depression anxiety different things like that before Covid I was going through a rough patch so when it happened it was rough when I was living in Cali just because nothing was open. I was going to try and live there for some years but with everything being closed and not really knowing anyone and going through what I was going through it didn’t work out. I didn’t get to visit my big bro very much during the pandemic which was rough as well with him being locked up.

Where can fans find your music?

Right now I have an older song slums that’s on YouTube I have several others I’ll be releasing this year. I had a lot of songs on reverbnation and SoundCloud but unfortunately my pages were deleted my laptop had got stolen some years ago that had a lot of songs before I had a chance to get them out or back them up.

Anything you'd like to include?

I guess the only thing I would add is for everybody to live life to the fullest and pull each other up instead of pushing each other down there is enough for everybody. But understand especially time is more valuable then money Spend time wit the people you love and on the things you love doing and the money will come.

RIP to my big bro. Free D’z.

What are your social links?

Instagram - @kcnash913
Twitter & FB - "Kc Nash"
Snap - Kc_nash10


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