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Here's our official interview...

What is your name?

Gee Watts

Where are you from? Your age?

The Midwest, Kansas City to be exact.

What do you do?

I create, been creating and making for as long as I can remember.

Tell us a little about your company/brand -

CaviArt the brand is a multifaceted company that focuses on using art and community to inspire. With inspiration comes hope, Obama ran on hope so clearly people want and believe in better.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In a better place spiritually, mentally and physically. As long as those areas keep growing everything else will fall in order.

Who are some of your mentors?

My Mom and Pop for sure, I try to soak up knowledge from wherever it's flowing, but mentorship, nah. Closest to that is Moms and Pop.

What are you currently working on?

CaviArt records, Cavi enterprises and Cavi Co. CaviArt records is what we distribute the music through, enterprises entail more of the branding aspect of the CaviVerse (how real is that) and Cavi Co. is what we've been running our community based initiatives through.

During COVID, we all faced struggles, what was one of your main struggles?

Finding the balance in a new world type thing. That may sound dramatic but life pre covid was different, so post the heightened media coverage its been about using that moments built during the time and running with it.

Where can fans find your music?

Wherever they can find me, but if you cant find me I'm on all DSP's .

Anything you'd like to include?

Save the babies or what we doing.

What are your social links?

YouTube - Gee Watts


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