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Richard John Walters is an American film and television actor, best known for playing Harry Warden in the 2009 horror film, My Bloody Valentine 3D.


Let's get into some questions...

STANDISH: You played "Harry Warden" in 2009's "My Bloody Valentine", how did you land that role? How long did it take to film?

RICHARD: I went to LA from 2001 to 2006 and then when I came home to Pittsburgh I was called in for an audition with the director Patrick lussier. SAG calls this a local hire.

STANDISH: With that being said, what's it feel like to continue the MBV legacy?

RICHARD: It's awesome. It's an honor. People are still interested in it. Some people like the original better, other people like our "reimagining" better. Some people like them both.

STANDISH: You played "Paul" In 2023's "Valentine Bluffs", how'd you land this role?

RICHARD: They called me on the phone. And I told him I was interested, and it was a go. They were filming in New Jersey and were only an hour away when I was living in New Jersey.

STANDISH: You were an addition for "Frankenstein's Monster" in "Van Helsing", can you tell us more?

RICHARD: I was a stand-in for the Frankenstein on Van helsing. One of the scenes which took place in the carriage they had a mic on me and I got a credit for it. I'm actually not sure if I'm in that scene or not. They can do what they want in the editing room. Also, I was the CGI for Mr Hyde when he battles van helsing. I remember doing movement on a set with Hugh Jackman.

STANDISH: Tell us a little about your overall mission, Richard -

RICHARD: A couple of years ago I moved to New Jersey and I wanted to get into comedy and performing music on my guitar. That move did not work out for me, and I'm back home in Pittsburgh now. I'm playing my guitar and would like to do some performing. I want to start doing some more acting. The Horricon circuit has picked up for me in the last couple years.

STANDISH: How does it feel to be such an inspiration in the Horror community?

RICHARD: It's great. I love to talk to people. Like I say, it's great that people remember the movie and are still watching it. It's great to be identified with "The Miner".

STANDISH: I see that you're an attorney, can you tell us more about this?

RICHARD: Officially, I'm retired. But, it was one I went to law school that I first became interested in acting. I was very shy about speaking up in class and participating and I vowed never to feel that powerless again. So when I was done with law school and became an attorney I began to do community theater and commercials.

STANDISH: What can we look forward to in the future from you?

RICHARD: I want to try to perform musically like sing country, really like John Prine. I'd like to start auditioning again to get some movie roles.

STANDISH: Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

RICHARD: Playing guitar doing some acting, doing some Horrorcons, and taking it easy.

STANDISH: Who are some of your mentors?

RICHARD: There's a local actor around here in Pittsburgh his name is Marty Giles, and there's an acting teacher, a method guy, he took lessons from Sandy Meisner, his name is Steven Black.

STANDISH: During COVID, we all faced struggles, what was one of your main struggles?

RICHARD: I was trying to transition to a new career, and a new residence, I moved out of state to new jersey. I think the timing was bad and it didn't work out. I was smoking a ton of marijuana and struggling with some mental health issues. I'm back to being straight and sober and just taking it one day at a time now.

STANDISH: Where can fans find your work?

RICHARD: IMDB has a list of my stuff. This is my demo reel:


at my YouTube channel @rjwesquire, you should be able to find my videos. 

STANDISH: Anything you'd like to include?

RICHARD: Don't be afraid to contact me or friend me on facebook, I know it's old-fashioned but I'm an old dinosaur anyway @rjwesquire

Also today is the 16th anniversary of My Bloody Valentine 3D opening in theaters!

STANDISH: What are your social links?

RICHARD: @rjwesquire for Facebook YouTube and Instagram


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