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"Creek Wilson"
Creek Wilson was raised in the small town of Jasper, Alabama by his parents, Buddy and Frances Wilson. During his younger years, he dedicated himself to chasing a career in country music. However, at the age of 24, and after a tragic situation that left him fighting for his life, he was forced to relinquish his aspirations in the music industry. Creek's life continued on and he was ultimately blessed with two beautiful daughters, Kristen and Kamryn, as well as a successful career in sales. After many years, Kamryn noticed something was missing in her father's life and suggested he return to the entertainment industry. Creek, at the ripe age of 50, took a leap of faith and thus began his career as a professional actor. He has since honed his craft through extensive guidance of esteemed acting instructors and mentors. Creek is immensely grateful to have achieved numerous major roles in a variety of productions and genre's including the Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial (2017), Red Dead Redemption II (2018), Wounds (2019), MA (2019), Pureflix's Sons Of Thunder (2020), The Wilderness Road (2021), Netflix's We Have A Ghost (2023), Twisted Metal (2023), and The Haunted Mansion (2023).

Let's get into some exclusive questions...

HEATHER: You've recently played "Mr. Slam" in the new TV series "Twisted Metal", what was your favorite interaction on set?

CREEK: Working with Anthony Mackie and Stephanie Beatriz in our scenes along with the rest of the cast and working with a great crew. When we rehearsed for the first time where I slammed the watermelon and hollered SLAAAAMMMM, it scared Anthony and he jumped and got wide eyed. I don’t believe he was ready for it.

HEATHER: How did you prepare for your voice roles in "Red Dead Redemption 2”?

CREEK: I actually had laryngitis up to the day before I was to be in the studio. It made my voice raspy but I made it through four hours of saying my lines plus a lot of water.

HEATHER: You recently played as the Mariner Ghost on "Haunted Mansion", how did you come to land the role?

CREEK: I received an audition for the role from my agent. Evidently they liked my audition and I received an text from my agent that said I booked the gig. It was definitely an honor.
HEATHER: How did it feel to be able to wear a costume made by Jeffery Kurland in "Haunted Mansion”?

CREEK: It was an extreme honor! I went through five trips to Atlanta for wardrobe to be sized and fitted and Jeffery was there each time. He was very nice and engaged in every aspect of my costume.

HEATHER: Were there any challenges you had to overcome during your career that seem notable? If so, how were you able to overcome them?

CREEK: I am blind in my right eye and it turns to the outside a bit. I was told by an acting coach/casting director that I would have trouble getting acting gigs because of it. I own it and play it for a lot of roles that I audition for. I believe that it makes me, me. I actually call my eye, my Jack Elam Eye.

HEATHER: One of your daughters suggested returning to the entertainment industry. How much of a push was it knowing your daughter's have so much faith in you?

CREEK: Kamryn is my biggest fan. She is definitely the one that inspired me to take the leap into being a professional actor when she was turning 16 years old. I am happy and blessed that I took her advise.

HEATHER: Has your southern accent ever prevented you from getting any roles?

CREEK: YES. Several times. But I work at trying to keep it down as much as I can.

HEATHER: What is something that Jasper, Alabama provides which keeps you there?

CREEK: I only moved back here to help take care of my mother who is 94 years old now. She will probably out live me but if she passes before me, give me two months to sell everything and I am moving back to the New Orleans area where I am based out of. Love Louisiana and the food.

HEATHER: What would your dream lead role be if you could instantly gain access to any movie or series?

CREEK: It would have to be a lead in a great Western and play a good guy for once.

HEATHER: In the entertainment industry, what have you found to be the most humbling experience of yours?

CREEK: When I was filming We Have A Ghost, in between takes I sat with Christopher Landon (Michael Landon’s son) who was the writer and director and we talked about our Dad’s. It was very humbling to hear about Michael Landon as a Dad and not a movie star.

HEATHER: Being able to work on so many shows and movies, what have been some of your favorite moments with co-stars?

CREEK: Meeting Danny DeVito in the HMU trailer on the set of The Haunted Mansion and telling him that my Mom has been a big fan of his since Taxi. He asked me to get a picture with him and take it home and show Mom and tell her he said hello. When Scott Innis, who is the voice of Scooby Doo called my Mom and also called my Daughter and talk to them in Scooby’s voice. When one of Kamryn’s favorite actresses, Shailene Woodley, and the director of the series that we were shooting in Utah, Louise Friedberg, made a personal video for her at the end of the days shoot. I could go on and on. There are way too many more to think about or mention.

HEATHER: Having the opportunity to be in a Budweiser Super Bowl commercial, how did that chance come about?

CREEK: Went to New Orleans to the casting office and auditioned for the role of the bartender (a principle role) when Anheuser and Busch first met. The next day I went back for the callback. Never heard back on it but two days before filming my agent called and said they wanted me for a background role. I was not interested but she advised me to do it. I went for the fitting that day and was there for two hours to find the right wardrobe. When I made it to set I found out that I had the principle role of The Street Fighter that bumps into Busch and I tell him to “Go Back Home”. A surprising turn of events. It’s always a dream to be in a Super Bowl Commercial.

HEATHER: Which filming location you've worked was the best from your experience?

CREEK: Moab, Utah

HEATHER: Have you had to learn any new skills for any role? If so, which ones?

CREEK: Just had to learn to ride a horse better because it had been many years since I had ridden.

HEATHER: What's your prediction for the Rose Bowl? (ROLL TIDE)

CREEK: ROLL TIDE!!! Enough said!

HEATHER: Surely, you become exhausted and need to relax from time to time, what are a few things you enjoy doing to relax?

CREEK: I love to build things and I love to ride Bessie 3, my Harley Ultra Glide

HEATHER: Would you have any advice to give aspiring actors who may be having a hard time in the industry?

CREEK: Take your time in the beginning and invest in yourself in as many different acting classes that you can get into. Be ready to learn and hustle.

HEATHER: What's the most inspiring thing a fan has said to you?

CREEK: That I touched them in a particular role.

HEATHER: What are a few aspects of the entertainment industry that first attracted you?

CREEK: Just to be able to entertain people and make people happy through my performances.

HEATHER: Is there anything extra you would like to say here?

CREEK: Thank you for the opportunity for this interview. It was an honor to chosen for this. And as I always say, I am very blessed to be doing what I love to do and Damn! I Love My Life


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