EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW [2023]: The King Of Rock Darryl "DMC" McDaniels Is Making Iconic Moves...

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It's been a year since our last published exclusive interview... Tell us what has DMC been up to lately?

New music coming featuring some of the greatest musicians ever!
A singer, guitar player, bass player and a drummer who are some of the greatest to ever do it!!!!
Can’t reveal it yet but in two months it’s going to be iconic and historic!!!
Right now, the follow up to Ghetto Metal (out now) Check it out if you haven’t heard it!
called Heroes 4 Hire produced by a Hip Hop Heavy Metal master named Big KO is coming in June.
I’m a guest vocalist on his traks!
Also Me And My Microphone produced by the untouchable Bumpy Knuckles feat me, Ice-T, Chuck-D and DJ Jazzy Jeff is out now on all platforms!
It’s magnificent!!!!
Vinyl album is on way!
Working on the next childrens book as we speak!
Darryl’s Dream, the first one,  is out now available wherever books are sold and at Amazon.com/YoungDMC!
One of the best kids books EVER!!

How does it feel to be the pioneer of Hip Hop & the King of Rock?

I don’t think I’m a pioneer per se….
I’m a participant and representative of the Hip Hop Culture.
The true pioneers are the graffiti artist, break dancers, deejays and emcees who created it all!
You can say I’m a pioneer of recorded Hip Hop, but we must include those who were performing before Hip Hop was on records in the discussion of who’s the pioneers and the greatest to do it! 
But of course I’m The King Of Rock!
There Is None Higher!!!!

You got mentioned in Drake & 21 Savage's new hit song "Rich Flex", what was your reaction and how does it feel?

It’s an honor and I am humbled to be acknowledged by greatness! 
Just like I mention Kool Moe Dee, Grandmaster Caz and Melle Mel!
We all are connected!
“Make no mistake I am known to Drake!!!!
King DMC could never be fake!!!!”

Coming into 2023, what projects are you working on?

In addition to the new music coming!
Films and a Broadway musical about my life!

What would you say your favorite project in 2022 (last year) was?

Last year my favorite project was my childrens book Darryl’s Dream, with Nickelodeon and RandomHouse Kids!
More books to come!!!

Who is someone that you'd love to work with that you haven't yet?

I want to work with Paul McCartney!
He’s from The Beatles and they say RunDMC is Hip Hops Beatles.
So it makes sense!
I would love to  work with Metallica!
We were inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame the same year, so we have to collab and create something for the future generations so they can find their own potential for kool creative things! 
I say I’m going to lol
Because I want to, so you gotta speak it into existence!

What is some advice you could give to someone who is creative like yourself chasing their dream?

Dreams to come true…
Be the proof that they do!
Work hard. Study whatever it is you want to do and practice practice practice.
Practice is preparation for manifestation!

Where can fans find your latest projects?

Music on all platforms!
Comic books in comic book stores, online or come see me at the comic cons I go to!
My childrens book is everywhere books are sold and at Amazon.com/YoungDMC

Anything you'd like to include in this interview?

Communication participation and collaboration are the keys to success!


Thanks so much for your time!

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